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Writing fiction, and in particular writing a novel can be a lonely business. But it needn’t be. As you write you have an opportunity to pick up writing tips, improve your writing, and learn. There is so much writing advice out there on the internet, where do you begin? My advice for fiction writers? Begin anywhere, just do something to learn the craft of writing fiction, either before you start, or while you are working. The novel writing essentials are pretty much proven and have stood the test of time. Mastering the basics of point of view, character development and plot structure is essential if you want to produce a novel that readers will not put down in the first five minutes. And learning to write fiction well is great fun as you proudly pick up new skills and techniques.

When I started writing my first novel I learnt at I went along. I read books, studied an MA programme in Creative Writing, and muddled my way through. The burning question in my head and heart was always

Can I actually do this well? Am I any good?

At that time I would grab at any feedback that I could get from anyone resembling a published author or a writing tutor, just to have that question answered. My passion was high, and so was my ignorance. Crafting dialogue in fiction is a skill. Would you pick up a guitar and expect to play it if you didn’t know what to do with it? You might try, but it wouldn’t be very successful.

Feedback on your writing is like gold dust. You will learn at a faster rate, and you will learn your fiction writing lessons well. At Write Fiction we offer a free online forum for writers to share their hopes and fears, and lessons learnt. Write Social takes the loneliness out of writing alone for hours on end, and brings aspiring authors together. The Write Fiction programmes bring aspiring writers together with published authors and editors by helping you to write your novel and giving you a sprinkling of gold dust. Whether it’s a Six Week Novel Writing Essentials Course or a Twelve Month Novel Writing Programme learning, writing and getting feedback is the best novel writing help you can get!

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