So you want to study creative writing? What is it you want from your writing class? This is an important question because if you are going to invest your time in a class you want to make sure it is the right one for you. Are you clear about whether you want to learn about non fiction, fiction, or creative writing, and how you want to learn? Creative writing classes often combine poetry, there are others that concentrate almost exclusively on poetic works. Check out the detail of the course content before you sign up to check that it covers areas that interest you. Fiction writing courses will also vary in content and may include different amounts of flash fiction, short story writing, novella and novel writing. If short stories are your passion, then a class in short story writing may better suit your needs than a general fiction writing course.

The focus at WriteFiction! as the name suggests is creative writing, and our writing courses concentrate on novel writing. We may cover the short story in time, and we certainly run short writing courses, and indeed although the craft may differ, there are areas of good practice common to all forms of fiction writing.

Another consideration in selecting your writing class is to think about what you might benefit from in terms of support from your peers. Face to face interaction is one way of building writing support, but online writing schools are becoming more popular, and places such as WriteFiction! allow you to meet like minded-people in an online community. Many of the best online creative writing courses enable you to interact with your peers so that you can share ideas and review each others’ work which helps you to develop and improve your own writing. So, the social aspect of acquiring creative writing skills is an important consideration for you, and we know that writing can be a lonely business.

If you are looking for free online fiction writing courses, and if you are serious about learning, you will have to invest your time and energy in the course, and you may decide a fee paying course will be time and money better spent.

In selecting your writing class find out about the tutor/s and how they can help you to reach your writing goals. If you want to write a novel, tutors who have written a novel and had it published have been through the process that you will be going through. They will be able to empathise, and they will also have developed their novel writing skills to a reasonably high level. A tutor who works as an editor will also be able to help you to get your finished novel ready for publication. The opportunity for feedback during your creative writing course can therefore be invaluable to develop your confidence as a writer.

Whatever you choose for your writing class, enjoy it, and WriteFiction!


What do you look for in your writing class?

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